30 days ship meme

Day 9: The most believable relationship.

Eric Taylor & Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

Facing the fact that Friday Night Lights is the most real tv show that I ever saw (and for me totally the best show ever ♥) it’s not a surprise if the most believable couple come from this show. It happens still now sometimes, when I watch pictures of Kyle and Connie that I don’t think at them like two wonderful actors like they are, but I think : ‘ehi look, coach Taylor and Tami’ and this is amazing. I remember that the first time that I watched THE Pilot I loved them from the first scene and I never stop. They have a normal life. In a normal town, with normal jobs. When you look at them you think that they are like you or like your neighbours. They fight for money or for their daughters and this is like the fights the probably a lot of us hear did by our parents. And then, that was that splendid way to talk, when at some point you have no idea of what they’re saying because they’re talking together, like real couple do. Without line like ‘first one and then the other’, but naturally like people usually do. So according with the fact that everything sounds real in Friday Night Lights, coach Taylor and Tami are the most believable pairing ever for me ♥

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